Team Russia

  • Top PlayerVitaly Lunkin
  • Lifetime Wins$6,166,727
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Team Statistics

National Rank for Team Russia: 5th
Team Cash Prizes Earned: $1,567,886
Team Top 10 Finishes: 116
Team ITM Finishes:237
Team Wins: 22


National#1 GPI#31 Vladimir Troyanovskiy
National#2 GPI#56 Ivan Soshnikov
National#6 GPI#107 Anatoly Filatov
National#11 GPI#170 Vitaly Lunkin
WILDCARD Alex Bilokur

Current PoY Rankings Russia

Rank Player Score
#12 Anatoly Filatov 3,409.34
#18 Alex Bilokur 3,276.21
#29 Vladimir Troyanovskiy 3,015.74
#37 Ivan Soshnikov 2,903.25
#89 Alexander Denisov 2,311.34
#111 Alexander Kravchenko 2,191.83
#117 Andrey Zaichenko 2,169.00
#128 Alexander Lakhov 2,076.12
#133 Vitaly Lunkin 2,042.96
#143 Andrey Shatilov 2,001.62

Russia has only entered the top echelon of the Poker world recently, but the country – hosting a rich tradition of world class strategic excellence in other games such as Chess – has continuously produced players capable of intimidating the competition on the World stage. From initial breakouts such as WSOP Main Event finalists Alex Kravchenko and Ivan Demidov to current tournament juggernauts like Alex Bilokur and others.

The Global Poker Masters is a purely competitive arena where Poker’s top countries can compete for global dominance without gimmicks; with national teams chosen solely on the merit of player’s results, and the advantage of a structure created to showcase players’ skills above everything else.