Team Canada

  • Top PlayerJonathan Duhamel
  • Lifetime Wins$12,764,848
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Team Statistics

National Rank for Team Canada: 2nd
Team Cash Prizes Earned: $32,380,659
Team Top 10 Finishes: 138
Team ITM Finishes:286
Team Wins: 22


National#2 GPI#8 Amichai Barer
National#3 GPI#12 Andrew Chen
National#4 GPI#7 Jonathan Duhamel
National#5 GPI#18 Sorel Mizzi
WILDCARD Marc Andre Ladouceur

Current PoY Rankings Canada

Rank Player Score
#4 Amichai Barer 3,873.15
#17 Daniel Negreanu 3,287.00
#21 Mike Leah 3,133.90
#32 Sorel Mizzi 2,944.05
#36 Mike McDonald 2,905.15
#38 Andrew Chen 2,896.34
#40 Jonathan Duhamel 2,852.45
#69 Shyam Srinivasan 2,466.11
#76 Michael Watson 2,394.48
#91 Alan Ari Engel 2,303.77

Canada’s rich poker tradition spans further than playing home base for some of the game’s highest profile superstars such as Daniel Negreanu and recent 2010 WSOP Main Event Champion Jonathan Duhamel. From the self described ‘Poker Factory’, the University of Waterloo, to a strong online presence, the northern Country is one of the global focal points for Poker’s brightest.

The Global Poker Masters is a purely competitive arena where Poker’s top countries can compete for global dominance without gimmicks; with national teams chosen solely on the merit of player’s results, and the advantage of a structure created to showcase players’ skills above everything else.