Team UK

  • Top PlayerSam Trickett
  • Lifetime Wins$20,552,960
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Team Statistics

National Rank for Team UK: 3rd
Team Cash Prizes Earned: $26,408,304
Team Top 10 Finishes: 175
Team ITM Finishes:284
Team Wins: 39


National#2 GPI#24 Jack Salter
National#3 GPI#38 Simon Deadman
National#4 GPI#34 Oliver Price
National#9 GPI#15 Sam Trickett
WILDCARD Louis Salter

Current PoY Rankings UK

Rank Player Score
#11 Oliver Price 3,444.07
#25 Stephen Chidwick 3,063.69
#30 Jack Zi Yang Salter 3,003.73
#31 Simon Deadman 2,997.74
#53 Max Silver 2,618.04
#64 Sam Trickett 2,519.32
#78 Louis Salter 2,390.16
#92 Alex Goulder 2,302.34
#115 Tom Hall 2,174.92
#120 David Vamplew 2,132.22

The last 18 months has seen the emergence of a new crop of UK talent occupying latter stages of major events. Former UK stalwarts like Akenhead, JP Kelly and Jake Cody, have been opened succeeded by an even newer breed of talent featuring the likes of Silver, Chidwick, Deadman, Salter and Price, all of whom rose through the online ranks before breaking out onto the UKIPT and EPT.

The Global Poker Masters is a purely competitive arena where Poker’s top countries can compete for global dominance without gimmicks; with national teams chosen solely on the merit of player’s results, and the advantage of a structure created to showcase players’ skills above everything else.