Team France

  • Top PlayerBertrand Grospellier
  • Lifetime Wins$10,893,264
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Team Statistics

National Rank for Team France: 7th
Team Cash Prizes Earned: $16,967,467
Team Top 10 Finishes: 123
Team ITM Finishes:252
Team Wins: 17


National#2 GPI#72 Erwann Pecheux
National#3 GPI#92 Bertrand Grospellier
National#6 GPI#162 Sylvain Loosli
National#5 GPI#147 Paul Tedeschi
WILDCARD Patrick Bruel


Rank Player Score
#63 Erwann Pecheux 2,522.88
#142 Benjamin Pollak 2,008.92
#207 Sylvain Loosli 1,789.53
#237 Miroslav Alilovic 1,696.43
#243 Fabrice Soulier 1,682.97
#307 Paul Tedeschi 1,540.08
#333 Antoine Saout 1,483.69
#348 Bertrand Grospellier 1,448.43
#361 Roger Hairabedian 1,425.30
#405 Ludovic Riehl 1,348.82

France’s Poker exports include time tested rounders like Roger Hairabedian and post-Poker Boom stars such as Bertrand “Elky” Grosspellier, one of the few player to have one Championship level events at the World Series of Poker, The European Poker Tour, and the World Poker Tour – recognized within the Poker Ecosystem as being the game’s ‘Triple Crown’.

The Global Poker Masters is a purely competitive arena where Poker’s top countries can compete for global dominance without gimmicks; with national teams chosen solely on the merit of player’s results, and the advantage of a structure created to showcase players’ skills above everything else.