Why are individual player sponsorships not allowed the Global Poker Masters?

The Global Poker Masters is a team-based competition whose participating players represent national teams rather than themselves. Likewise, as any team based event they do not invest anything financially in order to play – on the contrary, they compete for prizes furnished by the Global Poker Index / any participating event sponsors.

As with any other sporting event, while Global Poker Masters players ARE free to represent and collaborate with independent sponsors OUTSIDE the event’s framework (i.e. how endorsements work for NBA, Football, NFL, NHL and FIFA World Cup athletes from team-based sports), these sponsorships cannot be shown/ indicated during play and within the confines of the Global Poker Masters llivestreamed broadcast. This said, players and their sponsors are free to market/ advertise their involvement with one another and with the Global Poker Masters so long as this is done independently of official event channels.

Team-wide & event-wide sponsorship IS allowed (by non-gaming operators), but is organized via the Global Poker Masters itself as the governing body and organizer of the event. Important Note: While the EPT is participating as the venue for the Global Poker Masters & offering staff to run the event neither they (nor PokerStars as a whole) is currently sponsoring the event, providing prizepool additions, or the like.