After Successful First Edition, GPI Releases Initial Details About the 2016 GPI World Cup

Twelve nations to compete in a country vs. country format to determine the winner of “Poker’s World Cup”


London, United Kingdom (November 3, 2015) – The Global Poker Index (GPI), the poker ranking authority, has released initial details on qualification and the format that will be used for the 2016 GPI World Cup (formerly the Global Poker Masters). Following a successful first edition, the GPI received plenty of feedback from fans and players and have modified the 2016 competition in an effort to make it a “must-see” event.


The first ever GPI World Cup was played this past March as Italy defeated Russia 3-0 to secure the title. 40 of the top poker players in the World, representing the Top 8 poker Nations, participated in the event. Their lifetime total earnings at the time eclipsed the $182,000,000 mark and they had combined for 211 victories on the live tournament circuit.


The event, which will be played in Q4 of 2016 (dates, locations to be announced), will see four Nations added to the competition as 12 countries will be split into three for Group Stage play. Nations will play others in their group once in three preliminary round matches with the Group winners automatically advancing to the Final Four. One other Nation will have the opportunity to also advance to the Final Four by winning the Playoff Round (details to be announced).


The Qualifying Process has also been modified for 2016. Four Nations will automatically qualify: one each in North America, South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. The previous year’s Champion Nation will also receive automatic entry into the 2016 competition, which means that Team Italy is the first country to qualify for 2016 Cup.


The seven other Nations will receive an invitation to the 2016 GPI World Cup based on their standing in the GPI World Cup Rankings. The GPI World Cup Rankings are determined by combining the GPI scores of each Nation’s Top 7 individual players in the GPI World Poker Rankings with the Top 3 scorers from each Nation’s 2015 GPI Player of the Year race.


The GPI will release monthly rankings, as Nations will be able to see where they stand. The final rankings to determine National qualification will be on July 20, 2016 – days after the 2016 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. December 31, 2015 will be the final rankings used for 2015 PoY scores.


Here are the current GPI World Cup Rankings (as of October 28, 2015):

  1. United States of America – 40,805.09
  2. Canada – 31,734.47
  3. Germany – 31,488.97
  4. United Kingdom – 27,746.68
  5. Russia – 25,007.34
  6. Italy – 24,710.49
  7. France – 23,928.12
  8. Argentina – 21,718.82
  9. Ukraine – 21,625.78
  10.  Spain – 20,670.41
  11.  Austria – 19,060.17
  12.  Belgium – 18,922.57
  13.  Poland – 18,329.30
  14.  Brazil – 18,255.61
  15.  Bulgaria – 18,244.09
  16.  Portugal – 16,902.17
  17.  Australia – 16,689.73
  18.  Belarus – 16,477.93


Based on these rankings, the USA, Germany, Italy, Argentina and Australia would receive automatic entries while Canada, the UK, Russia, France, Ukraine, Spain, and Austria would receive at-large bids. However, there is still a lot of time between now and the July deadline.


For the 2016 edition of the GPI World Cup, the Top 2 ranked players for each Nation in the GPI World Poker Rankings (as of July 20, 2016), along with the 2015 National Player of the Year will receive automatic invitations to “Poker’s World Cup”. A final wildcard entry will also be included, meaning that each team will consist of four (4) players.


The Cube, the GPI’s Signature Arena, will play host to the GPI World Cup Final Four. Stay tuned for more details on the location of the Final Four in the coming months.


More details about the 2016 edition of the GPI World Cup will be available shortly at:


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